Address search

Based on the Baltic-wide official address data for Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, Jāņa sēta provides multiple APIs and their variations for searching addresses and getting their coordinates.

Address search APIs and types:

Address search

The address search is a feature of our search API, which has been developed as an autocomplete search API and returns results even for a partially-made textual address input, guaranteeing that a user's search is completed more quickly. It is excellent for graphical user interfaces in which users can select the correct address from a list of results. The lat/lon coordinates as well as the full address are returned via the API.

Address geocoding

With the help of the Address geocoding API, a textual address input is converted into lat/lon (WGS-84) or xy coordinates (LKS-92 (Baltic)), as well as the correct address, either as full or split into its components. API works effectively for automated systems that don't involve any human interaction.

Extended address geocoding

The Extended geocoding API converts a text input to a complete address information and spatial coordinates. This API is more flexible, therefore it has a higher likelihood of returning location and a structured address from text input of an inaccurate or incomplete address. The Extended geocoding API gives the postal code greater weight than the Address geocoding API and provides a score to indicate how closely the returned address matches the input. Moreover, you can request an address by its components (e.g., city, street, house number). On the backend, a multi-level strategy is applied to boost the probability of success; if the first step is unsuccessful, the geocoder becomes less strict at the next steps. Only the location of the populated place might be returned if the correct address cannot be determined. In addition to the address point's coordinates, the Jāņa sēta's road data is used to determine the navigation coordinates, i.e., the closest place on the road network for motor vehicles.

We advise filtering addresses by the matching score value due to the higher chance of receiving an inaccurate address.

Strict address geocoding

The Strict address geocoding is a variant of the Address geocoding, which reduces its flexibility. Requesting strict=1 will enhance the likelihood that you'll receive the right address. The geocoder works effectively for automated systems that don't involve any human interaction. In contrast to other APIs, it may occasionally return no location for addresses that are wrong.

Historical addresses

Are you looking for a location that might have a new name, a changed administrative division, or even no longer exist? It is backed by the Latvian historical address search for Latvia. It is our autocomplete Search API variation (by requesting layers=historical_address). In order to ensure that a user can locate, for example, a recently renamed address, we advise using this API in combination with the address search API.

Historical addresses can also be acquired in the Geocoding API, by using the historical parameter.