“Jana seta” Geospatial API documentation

You can find here everything about the “Jana seta” (“Jāņa sēta”/JS) Baltic-wide geospatial API. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us (e-mail kartes@kartes.lv)!

In order to use these APIs fully, you need a unique API KEY, that allows access to user-specific services, statistics and safety. To try our APIs out, you can use a temporary demo API key (see at the each API), with limited functionality. To get the full access to our APIs with your unique key, e-mail us on kartes@kartes.lv!

Base maps

JS base maps (WMS/WMTS) in vector and raster formats work well as background maps, as a source of information.

Raster maps Vector maps

JS Directions API is based on the most comprehensive road network about Latvia, as well as it provides routes through Estonia and Lithuania.


JS offers multiple addresses' services based on the frequently updated official Baltic states address data, providing the highest precision.

Visit this page for a brief summary of our addresses' API!

Reverse geocodingGeocodingExtended geocodingSearchAddress validationApartmentsNeighbourhoodsPostcode areas
Other APIs

JS provides other specific and unique APIs. We are open to customize our existing APIs and make new ones based on customers needs.

Speed limitsLive trafficSpeed camerasIntersectionsKilometre markersRoad kilometreRoad information