Address Validation API

The API validates the given address of specified parameters.


The request URL should match the following pattern:

Noklusētais The response is given in JSON.

The HTTP GET request method is used.

  • client_key: Your authorisation key.

Query parameters

The request consists of the following GET parameters:

Parameter Description
iela Street name
maja House number or name
valsts Country
admin_vien Administrative unit.
terit_vien Territorial unit.
apdz_vieta Populated place (city, town or village).
index Postal code.
korpuss Building block number.

Response parameters

The response consists of a count of addresses matching the parameters.


Input: iela&maja=105A&admin_vien=Rīga&apdz_vieta=Rīga&terit_vien=Latgales priekšpilsēta&index=LV-1019