Kilometre markers API

API gives the coordinates of the given kilometre marker of the specific Latvian state road.


The request URL should match the following pattern:

The response is given in JSON.

The HTTP GET request method is used.

Query parameters

The request consists of the following GET parameters:

Parameter Description
cs CRS format (wgs84 or lks).
km Road kilometre.
index Road number (e.g., "A2", "V333").

Response parameters

Atbildē tiek atgriezts objekts ar šādu struktūru:

Parameter Description
x x-coordinate or longitude
y y-coordinate or latitude
km Queried road kilometre marker
index Road number (e.g., "A2", "V333").
iso_code ISO code of the country.

Error codes

Status code Description
400 Wrong input data. Server can’t respond due to client error.
404 No location found. The URL is not recognized; the resource does not exist.
5xx Server error.




  "x": "24.851159",
  "y": "57.144002",
  "km": "52",
  "index": "A2",
  "iso_code": "LVA"