Neighbourhoods API

The API returns the neighbourhood either of Riga (Rīga) or Jurmala (Jūrmala) which matches the given coordinates.


The request URL should match the following pattern:

The response is given in JSON.

The HTTP GET request method is used.

  • client_key: Your authorisation key.

Query parameters

The request consists of the following GET parameters:

Parameter Description Possible values
cs CRS
  • wgs84 - Latitude and longitude in the WGS-84 projection (EPSG:4326).
  • lks - x- and y- coordinates in the TM Baltic93 CRS (EPSG:25884).
x x-coordinate in the TM Baltic93 or longitude in the WGS-84
y y-coordinate in the TM Baltic93 or latitude in the WGS-84

Response parameters

The response consists of the name of the neighbourhood.




  "name": "Maskavas forštate"